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From the
President's desk

It is not easy to preserve in printed words the flavor of a voice which instinctively uses all the richness and subtleties of verbal music.

If books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge, emotions, sadness and joy... the spoken word gives soul to these words.

Within the pages of our website you will find more than 800 hundred audiobooks of which we are extremely proud.

Proud to have, in a way, succeeded in stopping time in order to sow a few privileged moments, a few parcels of eternity on the earth.

What sets us apart

Best-selling authors

Paulo Coelho, Christianne Singer, Abbé Pierre, Jacques Salomé, André Comte-Sponville, Michel Piquemal, Simone Veil, Lise Boubeau, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Stephen R. Covey, Wayne Dyer, James Redfield, Élie Weisel, John Gray, Alain Stanké are just a handful of the best-selling authors who contribute to the prestige of Éditions Alexandre Stanké.

Moving narration

Richard Gere, Haley Joel Osment, Philippe Noiret, Jean-Claude Carrière, Anne Dorval, Marina Orsini and Jean Leclerc are just a few of our narrators and actors we have worked with and who are masters of their craft. Their voices will capture your attention, and you won't want to hit pause!


Far from being an audiobook service provider, Éditions Alexandre Stanké is a true publishing house that develops its editorial choices with a passion for quality and authenticity.


We are passionate about our people, be they authors, narrators or translators. Each recording is a privileged moment spent in their company that we cherish with great humility.

Straight from the source

Our self-help section widely features narration by the author's themselves. You'll feel just like your sitting live at one of their conferences.

The musical touch

The majority of our audiobooks are enriched with original music composed expressly that title. An extra touch that highlights our passion for the audio domain.

Privileged moments


The author with his latest audiobook releases

Studio Stanké (Carignan, Québec)


Recording session of « La ferveur d'exister »

(Rousillon, France)


Break between recording sessions

(Béziers, France)


The author and actors during the recording session of « Prendre sa retraite »

Studio Stanké (Carignan, Québec)


Seasoned sound engineer

Studio le fantôme de John (Grande-Vallée, Québec)

The time spent in the presence of our people - whether authors, narrators, translators or audio engineers - is a privileged moment that we cherish with great humility.

Our catalogue

Whether you're looking for a confidence boost or how to stay motivated, improvement and inspiration are just a listen away. Our audiobooks will change your life.

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